Road Transport

The shortest route,
the smarter way

Road transport is CTL’s specialty. By nurturing a tightly connected network of correspondents all across Europe, we move your freight from Point A to Point B fast and safe.

CTL covers a broad range of road transport services that connect you with all European cities with efficiency and safety. Our state-of-the-art fleet of fully insured trucks guarantees the timely delivery of your shipment wherever it needs to go.

Our heavy-duty vehicles are able to carry part and full loads, general groupage cargo and any type of freight you need, such as liquid bulk cargo – whether it’s oil or chemicals – ADR shipments of hazardous and flammable goods, or items like plastic packaging, perishables and cosmetics that require controlled temperature conditions during their journey.

For more compact consignments, CTL’s van options are designed to get your goods where they need to be even faster without any stops in between. Our speed vans fit up to 3.500 kg of cargo and are able to carry from 5 to 10 pallets.

Since we know that every project is unique, CTL reaches beyond conventional road transport to also provide its customers with smart solutions that fulfill optimized, door-to-door and just-in-time (JIT) deliveries to any destination within Europe, for any type of cargo.

With sensibility and awareness towards our sector’s ecological footprint, CTL offers green transport products that align to the most up-to-date European standards for reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the treaty on International Road haulage Contracts (CMR), all of our road transport services ensure reliability and maximum transparency during our joint journey. The security of your cargo is our number one priority. Additional and suitable insurance plans are at your service so that your shipment arrives to its destination safe and sound.

Road Transport Products

  • Part & Full loads (PTL & FTL)
  • Special transports (Bulk, Iso-tank, Flexi-tank)
  • Oversized and heavy loads

Road Transport Solutions

  • Weekly departures from and to all European countries
  • Temperature controlled trucks
  • Speed Vans
  • ADR licence
  • Reduced-emissions vehicles

Our Services

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