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Today’s fluctuating markets entail challenges that require quick solutions on a case-by-case basis. CTL’s biggest asset is our ability to adapt and respond fast to all case scenarios. Thanks to our experienced team and our long-term collaborations with demanding corporations, we are achieving effective results, even under the most unfavorable conditions.

For instance, during the Covid-19 lockdowns, we managed to quickly create and put into effect the highest level of safety protocols for all our customers. Or, when nation-wide strikes hit the Italian ports, which serve as the main gateway to Greece, we managed to find new, alternative routes for our trucks and secured the fastest transit time for all our deliveries. Even when capital controls took effect in Greece, compromising the welfare of trade between international carriers, we made sure our customers’ supply chains were running smoothly without any interruption by creating alternative and personalized solutions.

CTL can help you achieve the best results no matter what. Together, we can develop special integrated projects that match your high standards. Whether it’s handling the flow of the most demanding transportation project, taking care of the logistics of your exhibition, or oversee and organize your own, in-house warehouse, we are up for any challenge.

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