Slide ctl_road_transport_new The Shortest Route,
The Smarter Way
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In Just "One Stop"!
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All Over The World
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Right On Time!
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Seamless Flow,
The Way Things Go

CTL is an integrated transportation and logistics provider who knows how to connect the dots, optimize the flow of goods, and build bridges between global carriers.

With CTL, things travel smoothly and seamlessly around the world. We support trade and cover the full spectrum of international transportation through road, ocean and air, and handle all the complex logistics that come along with it. At CTL, we know the way things go.

All Is Flux, Nothing Stays Still

Services We Offer

CTL has it all
in just "one stop"

Our broad range of services spans international forwarding and procurement, distribution and aftermarket support as well as end-to-end supply chain management. CTL has it all in just “one stop”.


Special Handling
For Your Special Goods

Our robust industry portfolio, featuring businesses across all key markets, proves CTL to be the partner of choice for lean and optimized supply chain solutions. No matter what your sector, you can rely on CTL’s sophisticated road, ocean and air shipping products and on our adaptable logistics solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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